Is Rand Paul Lex Luthor?

This is not a political website.  I'm actually a fan of Rand Paul. 

I came across the top picture in a news website and it made me think... it just me, or does his crazy hair bear a creepy resemblance to super-villain Lex Luthor's penchant for bad wigs, as portrayed in the Superman movies?

Further review reveals that Rand Paul is not the Anti-christ but evil mastermind Lex Luthor

This website is about house design.

So why the jump to politics and movies?

I blame my twisted sense of humor coupled with an opportunistic streak that sensed a chance to engage in self-promoting crass commercialism.

  It was my super-evil plan to draw you in to my website, boost its traffic, and gain all kinds of advertising revenue in the process as part of my plan for world domination.  So while you are condemning me for luring you in at least acknowledge my transparent honesty. 

And while you are here, enjoy this collection of pics of Rand Paul and Lex Luthor.  Mostly Lex is Gene Hackman, but I threw in a cameo by Kevin Spacey.

Then poke your head in at my other pages that deal with house styles, houses in art and stupid things you don't want to do to your house.

Rand Paul - is Lex Luthor?
Lex Luthor - is Rand Paul?

Its the lips! The Lips!  

It isn't just the hair!

Rand Paul has Libertarian hair - It respects no outside authority - Much like Lex Luthor
Alright - the resemblance is weak - but maybe - Rand Paul should avoid reddish-orange backgrounds if he wants to avoid comparisons to Lex Luthor

In the comic books Lex Luthor was always super-bald.  Why the wigs?

Gene Hackman refused to shave his head for the filming of Superman: The Movie (1976) so Director Richard Donner had to get creative.  He gave Lex Luthor a penchant for bad wigs.

When Bryan Singer filmed Superman Returns (2006) he paid tribute to Richard Donner by having Kevin Spacey don a few seriously crazy hairpieces.

Rand Paul in his 2010 campaign.  No, Kevin Spacey in his 2006 role as Lex Luthor.
Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor casing out the meteor exhibit with the Kryptonite.

It is hard to believe that the picture on the left is really Rand Paul.  

Not.  It is really Ron Paul before he died and ran for president.  I mean in his younger years.  

Okay, so Kevin Spacey doesn't quite have the Rand Paul look.  Yet. But wait until Rand shaves his head, or decides to let it go long and stringy.

Which brings us to Rand Paul.  

What is with that hair?

Apparently it is real.  Really.  I mean that.

It only seems disconnected from his body.

At its best it gives him a cute, impish look.  Alas, the camera rarely catches us at our best.

Rand Paul in prison stripes - I mean in strips - like Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor - In a short rest between diabolical schemes and presidential bids
Evidence against - Neither Lex Luthor nor Gene Hackman would ever be caught photographed in sunglasses
In the video you can tell that his hair is actually a nest of constantly writhing vipers that strikes fear into his opponents and sucks the life out of the political process
Lex Luthor appears before the Young Republicans

Rand Paul supporters - be kind.  This is all in fun, without malice. Remember the advice of Mr. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice:

“For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?”

Looking very presidential Lex relaxes after dissolving congress and the constitution - Rand Paul would never do this.  He isn't the type to put his feet up on the desk.
Rand interviews potential vice-presidential candidates for 2016
Lex Luthor is a committed 1%er.  Actually a .01%er.
Lex as he is being hauled away after another disappointing debate performance - oops - that was the rest of the Republican field and this is a test Rand hasn't faced yet - on the big stage.
I don't know why he looks so sad here - unless it is the hair

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