Who am I?

Here are the basics:

My name is Joffre Essley. I was born in 1962, in Oklahoma, but I have lived lots of places. I have a family, most of whom love me. 

My training is in engineering and business. I never studied art, design or architecture, at least formally. 

So why should you pay attention to anything I write about architecture?

The Origins of House-Design-Coffee

I don't know why but I have always liked architecture, and I like houses, how they are made, and what they look like when the dust settles. After years of looking at houses that assault the eye, throwing up my hands in frustration, and yelling "Why?" I decided to do something about it. That something is this website

The purpose of my website is to celebrate the house in all its forms, to praise what is praiseworthy, and to set right what needs to be amended. I have strong feelings about what makes a good house. I think beauty and purpose must walk hand-in-hand.

It is my desire to help what is good take root, and to discourage those practices that are not beneficial to the world around us.

Some of what I write I have known for years. Some I have just discovered. Yes, I am learning as I go. And I will stop doing that when I die. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to learn with me.

All around us lie millions of experiments in craftsmanship and art, in method and design. These houses are my laboratory. No, they will be our laboratory, for this is a collaborative effort.

My intent is not to limit this to the American home, but because I live in America, in Ohio, on a small farm, much of my content will necessarily be regional in nature. I invite you, the reader, to contribute. Add to this conversation. Show us what you admire. Expand the breadth of this blog to cover the world.

Thanks for your time, and for checking out my website.

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to respond to one of the content invitations scattered throughout the website, or to email me at homesower@yahoo.com.

Finally, let me ask you to something for me. I need you to follow me on twitter (if you have an account) and like me on Facebook. The last one is tricky because to really help me out I need you to "Like" this website and "Like" my Facebook page. I am asking a lot! Please help if you can.

I have put the buttons below to make it easy for you to do.

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