Home and Garden Show

A home and garden show is a great place to see the latest products for your home, check out the various contractors and vendors and get quotes for whatever you need done.

A similar opportunity is a Parade of Homes, where local builders showcase their homes and strut their stuff.

Both of these make for a cheap date for the prospective home buyer or home renovator.  Tickets might run $20, but compared to the tens of thousands  of dollars you will lay out for whatever you are doing it is a steal.

If you happen to see the right product or meet the right vendor it might even save you some money.

This page is just a linking page to home shows or similar events that I have been to.  Being part of the media elite I usually get free peanuts and a place to charge my laptop, and maybe even a chance to go backstage and meet someone who hopes to be the next Bob Villa, but isn't, yet. These linking pages are where I let you share vicariously this life of fame and glamour.

Pretty pathetic isn't it?  Two links.  But I enjoy going so I will be adding more.

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