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Here are links to articles I have written for other web publishers.

The Gestalt Principle of Simplicity - Here I take a look at simplicity and examine one house with an eye towards better understanding this Gestalt concept.

The Gestalt Principle of Closure - An article available on . It looks at the principle of closure, but lacks any graphics.

Guide to Soundproofing a Room - At I tell musicians what they need to know about soundproofing a room.

Vitruvian Man - A look at Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man drawing and its implications that these are divine proportions.

Plaster Ceiling Repair - Where I explain my special technique for repairing plaster cracks. OOPS! This site no longer exists

The Anatomy of an Anchored Brick Veneer Wall - An explanation of the Cavity Wall

Installing a Chimney Liner in Your Home (No longer available)- How I installed mine and what you should learn from my experience.

Rainwater Collection Systems (No longer available) - A quick overview of rainwater catchments and such.

A Kitchen for Everyone - Accessible Kitchens. (article no longer available)

Psalm 23: Goodness and Mercy - A look at the 23rd Psalm

Symmetry Stands Out - A look at Symmetry in creating a focal point

The Most Unusual Building in Columbus - One heckuva unique train station survives a major change in the railroad it serves.

The Fair Avenue School - Frank Packard was one of Columbus's best architects.  Here he gives his interpretation of a Richarsonian Romanesque school.

That is all I have so far.  I look forward to the day when this will be a very full page.  If you have need of an article, you can check out my page of articles that are all ready for outside publication.  Or you can ask and I will write something for you.

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