Famous Architects

A Work in Progress in Which We Discuss the Great Architects

The famous architects are the ones we know about.  The great architects are the ones who deserve that praise.  The lists are not always the same.  Here I will discuss both, and sometimes take the liberty of a critic to distinguish the two.

You will note that the list is rather short.  I will endeavor to make it longer, but this is a homespun affair, and it takes time.  For now enjoy what is here, and bookmark this page for a return visit.

While this site focuses on house design it is not possible to discuss house design absent from a discussion of architecture in general.  Some  of the architects I will discuss will have avoided residential design entirely.  Most are on the list of famous architects because of their public, commercial or ecclesiastical works.  Residences are not always their strong suit.

Nonetheless, if they are important to architecture we will get around to discussing them at one point or another.

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