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Joffre Essley

Joffre Essley - Author - Publisher - Blogger

Joffre Essley is founding publisher, editor and principal writer for House Design Coffee.

See his About Me page.

He Tweets as @homesower

He is frequently on Facebook, but if you want to friend him tell him you came from House Design Coffee.

He occasionally hangs out at as Joffre Essley at Google Plus.

He bookmarks at Diigo.

He pins as Joffre Essley

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Kerry Blake

Kerry is an MS Office expert and writes about home improvements, technology and cars. His articles are tips and tricks that he decided to share with readers who have or had similar problems.

You can find him at Twitter and G+.

Bethany Ciantar

Bethany Ciantar is a social media promoter and content manager of Double Glazing Prices. She Writes tips and home improvement guides to make your home a place worth living.

She tweets as @BethCiantar

Google +

Alisia Goodwin

Social-media shy Alisia hasn't provided a photo, but she is reported to look something like this.

Alisia Goodwin is a freelance blogger who is passionate about creative writing and is committed on producing original and interesting articles for her readers.

She loves to explore new ideas and technologies and always conducts an extensive research which helps to deepen her knowledge about a subject and offer valuable insights to her readers.

Danielle Haley

Danielle Haley is a freelance copywriter who is passionate about bringing expert advice to the online community. She’s an advocate of SEO and co-directs a small but successful Essex-based online marketing agency, Freelance SEO Essex .  UK telephone number is +441245 690180.

Angela Harpert

Angela is a devoted mom and wife who gladly shares her home improvement and household tips that are about to ease you daily routine in home. She likes to think of ways on how to make her home tidy and clutter-free.

Ruth Hinds

Ruth is a freelance writer from the north of England, specialising in lifestyle and internet marketing.  She also runs a copywriting consultancy, providing web and blog content for clients in numerous sectors.

Ruth can be reached at Twitter

and Google+

Richard Jones

Richard loves to write about home improvement. He is evangelist at and they provide best customer care services regarding air conditioning.

Rachel Mark

Rachel Mark is a blogger for, a Do-It-Yourself repair company, which began in 2004 and has been a team of repair experts ever since. Rachel is passionate about fixing things yourself, home improvement and gardening.

Rachel tweets as @RachelEMark

Peter McAllister

Peter McAllister is a digital marketer and freelance writer, he creates content on business and outdoor topics. His work has a strong focus on generating value to the reader, generating interest and helping to share useful information. He has a strong passion for networking with other online marketers, you can find his contact details below:

Google Plus 


Jordan McPelt

Jordan McPelt is a freelance writer who usually focuses on topics related to the home, but who also isn't afraid to branch out and write on other topics that he finds interesting.

He only occasionally interacts with social media, but he does have
profiles at Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Peter North

Peter North is a third generation builder and the youngest of seven brothers who handled contract work on anything from home electrical installations through to laying highways. He has retired now due to a persistent back problem, but still likes to get his hands dirty from time to time.

Jason Phillips

Jason Phillips is an ordinary guy as others, but with extraordinary passion for interior décor, fashion and gadgets. He loves to talk, discuss and spread awareness about anything interesting going on around us. He is also an interior designing consultant at many sites like offering largest ranges of matting and flooring products. At his free time he loves decorating his home in latest ways. You can also catch him at his twitter profile @Jason2109.


Anthony Powell

Anthony Powell - Author

Anthony Powell is managing content development at, providing best quality canvas printing UK services. He writes on various topics like home improvement, home decoration and also opines about arts and craft. He also offers great ideas about how to get cheap photos on canvas to decorate your homes in a personalized way.

Nat Sanderson

Nat Sanderson is a freelance writer and aspiring graphic designer who is passionate about technology, fitness, and beautiful design. Nat loves working on new projects and connecting with people.

You can connect with Nat via Google+ 

Maya Savanovich

Maya is a freelance wedding blogger and interior design fanatic with a keen interest in anything related to design, from fashion to home. She mostly writes project guides and inspirational articles on everything from weddings to interior design and so much more.

She tweets as @Maya_Savanovich but if you're interested in connecting with her you can find her on G+.

Steve Warr

Steve Warr runs his own company, Green Studios, which supplies environmentally-friendly, detached garden pods and studios. Steve set up the company after finding that a garden building provided the solution to his need for a dedicated space to work from home. He's passionate about sustainability and the environment.

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