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If you own a house, it is going to need a home repair or two. Probably many more than that. If you keep the house up you will get your money back when it is time to sell. If you don't...

Let us just say that it is best to properly maintain your house. Sometimes it is time to call a professional.  Sometimes it is time for a DIY home repair project.

This page will cover a little of both.  This is a new series for me, so the article base is a little thin, but it will grow. If anyone wants to contribute, feel free to offer your contributions with the comment section below.

Repair Articles:

The decision whether it will be a DIY house repair project or a contractor project is personal, but it is also a business decision. You can save a lot of money, if you can develop the skills to take care of things yourself.  

You will also spend a lot of time which might be better spent elsewhere, such as with your family or earning money.  

It can be a great hobby, but it can also be a time thief. It can provide you a great opportunity to bond with the type of friends who can help you on your projects, but it can also create strife at home.  

I am a big fan of paying as you go, not going into debt just for home improvement, but house repairs can suck down the cash. Before you commit to a project consider if you can afford to see it through.

Whatever you decide, DIY or contractor, check out these articles first. They might just save you some time or trouble.  

After your project add your thoughts by commenting on the articles.  This site is a lot more interesting when there is more than one voice in the conversation.

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