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There is something comforting about a log home. Those logs are solid. They surround you, they are thick and strong and you feel secure.

A home built with logs is a sensuous place. It doesn't just look pretty, it smells pretty, it sounds pretty, it feels pretty.

It has texture. No matter what you do to the logs they feel unlike any other building material. Smooth or rough, stripped or milled, stained or natural, the feel of the forest is only a touch away.

It has scent. The sap never fully leaves the wood. It dries, but continues to give off the smells of the forest it grew up in.

It resonates. The shape of the wood, the texture on the surface and the porous nature of the wood cells absorbs sounds and gently reflects it back.

It adds richness to light. The warm, natural colors of the wood softens any light reflecting off of it.

Jon's Cabin Handcrafted
Jon's Cabin Addition Building

It has a history. Many houses can claim this, but few can claim a pedigree going back several millennia. It precedes architects and it precedes builders. It precedes modern life, and traffic jams, and electronic media. In a sense, it is ageless.

It is natural. You can feel the connection to nature. You can’t do that with dimensional lumber hidden behind sheetrock and vinyl siding.

For all of these reasons people are returning to homes of log, either for their primary residence or as a vacation home.

I have created several pages dedicated to log houses, whether cabins or mansions.

Together these put up a fair show of what you can do with logs, and what to watch out for. The same basic rules of design apply to homes of log as apply to all homes. The different construction will open up new possibilities and add some unique limitations, but the same aesthetic mistakes and opportunities will present themselves with log cabins as with any other type of home.

So, even if you are here strictly for what I have to say on log houses, I suggest you also check out my section on architectural concepts. Heck, check out my whole website!

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