Designing for Climate and Environment

by Dallis Tanner
(NSW Australia)

To my mind, the singular most important design factor is designing a home for affordable and comfortable livability. So many homes are positioned on the block to face the street or view without mitigating the effect of summer afternoon sun. Others place a garage on the aspect receiving warm winter sun.
A site plan would help a homeowner and architect plan a really comfortable home that can b e stylish and beautiful while also affordable to live in and environmentally sustainable.

Whenever I see a floor plan I always want to know where north is in southern hemisphere or south in northern hemisphere.

It is essential to be aware of solar passive design as the earth faces a warming trend with diminishing resources.

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Feb 14, 2021
Siting Your House
by: Joffre

Your comment reminded me of a house I saw recently that should have had a beautiful mountain view. Except that they had plunked a standard plan to face the road and left the windowless sidewall facing the mountains. That could easily been remedied by adding some windows, but as it was they were missing the opportunity to see the mountains. So sad.

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