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by Bob McCauley
(Flemington, NJ, USA)

I fail to understand while Schools of Architecture continue to teach modern residential home design, when the market place has clearly rejected it. It is surprising that magazines such as Dwell exist today. I chalk that up to architects buying the magazine. Have not found any new subdivisions of modern designed homes.

I would of thought with the rise of long term disability costs people would reject assisted living housing; opting instead to reside in their universial design and/or aging in place functional home. But I am mistake, as there seems to a new and larger assisted living housing popping up everywhere (with traditional designed buildings). But someone must be paying to send their parents into assisted living. Quilt has always been a good motivator.

I do have a bone to pick with architects. Buy any kitchen magazine at the supermarket. There is a window in the kitchen. Buy any new book on home plans, the kitchen is in the middle of the house. I get the concept of an open floor plan between the kitchen, breakfast nook and family room. But in the middle of the house? Most of Slaters home plans illustrate this point. The only explanation I can come up with. Is a response by builders to build a narrower house. thus to sell more homes per acre. Increasing their profit margin. I don't like it! I am forced to design a custom house, just so I have a window in my kitchen. As a care-giver I hate stairs. My only choice is a one story house. As I am not a fan of ranches, I looked at U shaped houses. My reaserch tells me that folks that never owned a U shaped house, love the concept. While those that own one, hate it. Reason? To much walking from one end to the other. Instead of walking the longest distance around a circle. I will close the U, create my own private courtyard. Now, I will have two hallways to reach the other side of the house. The concept of a private court yard is very appealing.

Thanks for listening, just my thoughts.

Bob McCauley

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Apr 14, 2015
James Comment
by: Andrea E. Smith

I feel really fortunate tohave used your webpage and look forward to so many more fun momentsreading here. Thanks a lot again for a lot of things.

Great work

Jan 27, 2015
Thoughts on Residential Design
by: Joffre

Thanks for the comments.

I think the modern home magazines appeal to a design-to-build market that isn't usually found in subdivisions. You are right, the developers stay far away from it because the average buyer doesn't want it.

I'm all for aging-in-place, and good design that allows this, although I tend to dislike single-floor homes. Luckily elevators and lifts can be a reasonably good way to allow people to stay in their multi-story homes.

The courtyard is a great concept. It works best in the warmer dryer climes, but I love the enclosed, private space it creates. The downside is it pushes out the size of the houses footprint, so if you have a small lot, you lose all the yard outside the house. Most U.S neighborhoods don't allow that. They want the separation between the homes.

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