Looks so good they all want the same color and style

by Veronica
(Bergen county)

We have owned our home for nearly 20 years. When our home needed made upgrading we did it all. After months of research with design books and website we came up with our style and plots that did not match anyone on the block.

Needless to say its beautiful and classic and we are so proud of our hard work and careful and creative design decisions. We own a colonial that has harbor grey siding (it reminds us our beloved vacations in cape cod of weather cedar). With bright white trim black textures roof and black colonial panes shutters. It's awesome.

Well here is the problem. New young neighbors moved it and asked if they would mind if that got the same siding and shutters. I was honest and answered yes for two reasons one is we took the time to design and create the look because no one else had it and the fact that they are literally right next to use. It's just no considerate we live in a neighbor hood not a planned community of cookie cutter homes. I am not saying my color choices are original however they are different that any one else on the street.

And please don't say imitation is flattery it's just plain lazy. Do your own home work find your own style and colors and don't copy the person right next to you. At ant rate it's very disappointing and I feel all the work and time we put on to create our look has wasted.

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Oct 03, 2013
Good Job
by: Editor - Homesowr

Congratulations. Obviously your neighbors loved it too.

Since they asked for your approval perhaps they will listen to your objections. I am with you here. I wouldn't want my neighbors copying my idea. Perhaps they would consider taking some color advice from you. Did you have a second choice of colors? One you almost picked but didn't? If so, suggest that color scheme to them. Who knows, this might be your calling.

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