There was no mention of house orientation. If the wall faces directly North, doesn't that have an impact on installing windows on that side. Here in MN I think it does. And the same would apply to South facing walls in the southern states.

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Jan 24, 2013
Editor's Reply
by: Anonymous

If you have a North-facing wall in Minnesota you would want smaller windows than if it was south-facing, but it is still good to have light coming in from more than one-side and you want to avoid bare walls.

For energy conservation make the windows smaller, but don't do away with them altogether. That would make rooms on that side too dark. But if you are going to do without windows, do something on the exterior to avoid the big, bare wall problem.

Besides, in those Minnesota winters you want to maximize the light in the house in the day for anybody who is home, because those long Northern nights can wear on you. No need for dark rooms.

I get up to my in-laws in Minnesota every year or so. It is a great place. The houses there do seem to be wrapped up a little tighter, and its a good thing when you have those below zero days.

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