Skillion Roofed Half Houses

by Bridget Gaddis, AIA, Leed AP
(Alexandria, VA, USA)

Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria

Hi Joffre,

I would venture a question about the origin of these funny little pointed houses. They seem to show up in "real" old town environments and I can only think that they were built for totally practical reasons, as in no. 16 economy above, and I put it here because I could upload photos and I did not know where else it fit.

Technically they have half gabled or skillion roofs. I wrote a blog article on how, somewhere around 1960, they crashed into modernism with some pretty strange results. I never really answered the question of their origins though. I thought, in lieu of the local historical society, you might have some insights.


Editor's Note:
I have not come up with any answers, perhaps one of our readers knows something. Any takers?


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