Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

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Looking for bathroom tile design ideas? Consider this little story, then take a look at my collection of tile patterns.

My grandfather’s house was always huge to me.  Although it shrank as I grew it never really lost that feeling of being cavernous.  It was full of passageways and mysteries waiting to be revealed.  There were dark, ominous places that captured my imagination and occasionally terrified me.  One secret darkness lay right below the floor of the bathroom at the head of the stairs.

basket weave tile pattern - bathroom tile design ideas

That bathroom had a basket weave pattern of black and white tiles.  The white tiles were the weave and the black tiles were the gaps in the weave, but if you stared at the floor the flat tiles seemed to bend until you really thought you were looking at a woven floor.  And the black...the black tiles seemed to disappear and there was nothingness below.  You were standing on a woven floor, and if you dropped a little pebble down through the black it would just keep going - forever.

I know on more than one occasion I had to poke a black tile with my finger to prove that it was there, but that never really convinced me. There was a mystery down there.

Years later I discovered the secret of inversion and the gestalt laws that define how we perceive the world around us.  That told me why I could see what I saw, but it never really dispelled me of the notion that something really was below the bathroom floor tile.

Perhaps you aren’t interested in terrifying young boys with your bathroom tile designs, and that is probably a good thing, but if you want to explore the possibilities I offer the following collection of bathroom tile patterns.

Floor Tile Patterns

And Other Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

There is little to limit you in the patterns that can be used with tiles.

What follows is a collection of pictures showing the wide range of patterns that can be formed with tile.

Exterior wall tile pattern from Chinatown - bathroom tile design ideas
Commercial bathroom tile design ideas
shamrock mosaic tile pattern - bathroom tile design ideas
Minton Tiles - A simple, but effective floor tile pattern - bathroom tile design ideas
Flower Floor Tile Pattern - using hexagonal tiles - bathroom tile design ideas
This is almost a randomized camouflage pattern - but intriguing - bathroom tile design ideas
Bathroom floor tile pattern using mix of blues with red pop - bathroom tile design ideas
It takes three simple shapes for this pattern - bathroom tile design ideas
Tile Floor from Jesuits in Tianjin - this shows the added dimension offered by styled tiles - bathroom design ideas
Art Tiles found at the tile store - bathroom design ideas
Floor tile design found at the National Gallery in London - this border is a Greek Key - a very common design in Ancient Greek Architecture - bathroom tile design ideas
This requires specially shaped tiles.  There are three different shapes in four colors - bathroom tile design ideas
Traditional floor tile pattern of squares and rectangles -bathroom tile design ideas
Emser Tile - Brown Glass - Long Thin Tiles are becoming popular - bathroom tile design ideas
Emser Penny Round Tile - bathroom tile design ideas
Mosaic plaid floor tile pattern - bathroom tile design ideas
Ceramic Artist Kay Aplin went all out with this bathroom tile design using custom tiles
Complex star patter forms this outdoor plaza in Finland - bathroom tile design ideas
This is an exterior wall of Kay Aplin's Ceramic House.  Those are Tiles.

Check out what ceramic artist J. Kay Aplin did with her "Ceramic House".  Much of the house has been decorated with her tile creations.  Check out her websites, but be warned:  you might go from looking for bathroom tile design ideas to planning how you are going to tile your garden, your living room and your attic.

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