Ethanol Fireplaces

Editor's Note: Ethanol fireplaces are also called bioethanol fireplaces. Ethanol is a renewable resource.

Bioethanol Fireplaces - Replacing Traditional Hearths

By Alisia Goodwin

You very much want to cut on your energy bills, but every time the cold season sets in, the cost of keeping your home warm skyrockets. However much you want this to change, there is pretty little you can do as long as you still rely on traditional forms of energy that require gas, wood, electricity and similar fuels. But just to let you in on my little secret, now there is a lot you can do to have your home heated cheaply and stylishly in an environmentally friendly way. In fact, you will not need external connections or flues to get your fire going in an eco-smart way if you choose to use bioethanol fires.

ethanol fireplaces for any room

If you are still in the dark about this modern invention, here is a brief explanation. Ever heard of fires that burn ethanol as basic fuel? Yes, many homes now use them in place of the traditional type for the following reasons.

  • The fireplaces are stylishly made from stainless steel and glass portable units that can easily be installed on any surface. You can get a traditional, semi-traditional, or modern look from a wide range of grates and fire inserts that you only need to slide or place in your area of choice.
  • You can get the fire burning in minutes by converting your usual fireplace into bioethanal fire insert.
  • The flames burn cleanly without leaving any residues. It allows a fire without smoke or odor. Whats more, the flames are adjustable and you can regulate the intensity to achieve the right degree of heat you want. Controlling the flame also enables you to capture the perfect ambience you desire.
  • Apart from low consumption on fuel, you can enjoy the benfits of an inside fire without the disadvantages of flues, ash, chimney sweeping, the smoke and so on. There is no need for storage place to hold your logs etc.
  • Open fireplaces are notorious for loosing a lot of heat. This is something unheard of when you are using bioethanol fires because they burn so efficiently and completely. Most of the heat produced is retained and used where it is needed.
  • Since ethanol burns with a soft, orange flame, the fires also have an aestheic value. You can use the flame settings to improve the interior d├ęcor and ambience of your home.

The eco-friendly fireplaces come with numerous benefits like  stylishness, efficiecy, aesthetics, convenience, and so on. They can be a stylish addition to any home and would be a perfect fit for any home.

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