Gaddis Architect

by Bridget Gaddis, AIA, Leed AP
(Alexandria, VA, USA)

You might want to give a nod to Michael Graves who is often blamed, with good reason, for the Post Modern "Popitecture" (my phrase which may or may not be original) that populates most of the American sprawl-scape. He is especially known for the "homage to past forms" part that you noted. I heard him speak at an event when I was a student. He devoted not a little of his talk to images in Marcel Proust's, "Remembrance of Things Past." Images that, removed from intellectual discussions, move happily to a more common and profitable place, as do the buildings of Graves himself. The path from the Portland Building has lead through Disney World and even landed in the lap of Target. What could be more pop than a building reduced to a teapot. Andy Warhol would buy one if he were alive.

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