My Articles Available for Outside Publication

Below you will find articles that I have written for others to use on their websites.

Since I want these to be unique to the using website, this page and each of these pages is tagged as do not follow and do not crawl.

Once an article is published with my permission I will move it to my list of published articles.

Do not use these articles without my permission.  I want to control the publication so that each article is published only once.  Of course excerpts can be used within blogs, so long as the excerpts point to the originating site.

If you see an article that you like, but it gets used by someone else first, I will write a new article for you on the same subject.

If you want an article on a different topic, just ask. If I have already written on that subject I will probably be wiling to write again.  If it is a new area for me then I will have to consider the time I will need for research.

Rules for Publication

1) Do not change my wording without my permission.

2) If I have created a link within the article do not change it, unless it is for the purpose of making the link open into a new page.

3) You can add links.

4) You can add or alter any headlines.

5) You can alter the formatting.

6) I require that an about the Author section be included, either before or after the article, with links pointing back to

7) You must notify me that you intend to use my article and send me the link.  I will generally link to that page from a page on this site that will highlight my content that is published elsewhere or through a page on another site set up for that same purpose.

8) To request permission you can write me at

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