My Old Historic House

by Richard Cottrell
(Clarksville,Mo. 63336)

My Home and Museum

My Home and Museum

In 2006 I bought an 1845 with an 1860 addition old house to restore. During this process I found it to be very Historical. I have finished the project and opened it as a house museum. People, with appointments can take tours, have small parties, meetings or other social functions. The house was featured in June 2011 in the national magazine, Victorian Homes. I do a blog about the house and it's contents and my little town,Clarksville,Mo. pop. 490. I am 70 miles from St.Louis and 50 miles from Hannibal. The blog site is: and my phone is 573 242 9688. My name is Richard Cottrell and besides the house I have a gift and antique shop as well. Richard's Great Stuff, gifts and antiques for you and your home. I love sharing my home with people so just give me a call, or stop by my blog anytime. Email address is or

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