What about this pseudo garage doors or wall

by Jorge Arturo
(Queretaro, Mexico)

Photo from the linked page

Photo from the linked page


I like that house, the look of it, to small, but seems nice.

Editor's Response: Thanks for the contribution, Jorge. I have seen a couple of houses where the gates seem to form a skin for the front of the house. My problem is that the facade presented is rather cold and unfriendly. I have the same concern with a lot of the walls surrounding Mexican houses. - Joffre Essley

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Feb 16, 2015
by: Jeff

I think they look lovely! http://windowaanddoors.com

Nov 22, 2013
Unwelcoming and trendy
by: Glenn

The whole idea of screening the walls like that leaves me cold. Houses have personalities, some are welcoming and some say stay away. I would not take my kids trick or treating there!!! :)

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