Radon Symptoms

The Effects of Radon and a Little Look at Radon Poisoning

What follows is a short look at Radon Symptoms.

High concentrations of radon gas in homes is a public health risk. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas which emits radiation. This radiation might damage some of the cells in your body and could lead to cancer.

So what are they symptoms of radon poisoning?

Radon is known to cause lung cancer, but its role in other cancers is unclear. The symptoms of radon poisoning are thus the symptoms of lung cancer.

So what are the symptoms of lung cancer?

- A cough that won’t go away.

- Shortness of breath

- Wheezing

- Chest Pain

If the lung cancer has spread you might notice

- Shoulder Pain

- Paralysis of the vocal chords

- Hoarseness

- Difficulty swallowing

In addition, the following are common symptoms of many types of cancers

- Weight Loss

- Fatigue

- Weakness

All of these symptoms might have other causes, so an evaluation by a doctor is in order. Usually lung cancer is verified by a chest x-ray or a CT scan.

Just because you have lung cancer it does not mean that you got it from radon poisoning. There is nothing different about a lung cancer resulting from radon and one resulting from smoking or some other carcinogenic exposure.

If you have lung cancer it makes sense to have your house tested for radon, but even better is to have your house tested before someone gets sick. Testing for radon is easy. Sometimes it is even free. Health departments in areas prone to radon often provide test kits without charge.

If you have radon symptoms but it turns out that you don’t have lung cancer then radon is not the source of your health problems. That does not mean you can let a radon problem slide. If you have high radon levels in your home it is best to mitigate the problem, if not for you then for the others in your house, or for those who may live in the house in the future.

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